The Pros and Cons of White Label WordPress Development

If you have been searching for information on white label services, most likely what you have turned up so far is advice on whether you should sell white label services. But what if your question is whether your business should buy white label services and resell them under your brand? They seem like two sides […]

Setting Up a Remote Development Team in 5 Steps

The modern world gives us a lot of opportunities including the possibility of outsourcing web development. There is a great amount of information on where we can find advice how to manage remote development team but not on how to set it up. The first step on the way to success is frankly asking yourself: […]

Best Practices for Working Across Time Zones with Your WordPress Remote Teams

The 21st century brought us a lot of inventions and new ways of doing things. Working with geographically spread teams in different time zones is one of them, and teams of WordPress experts are no exception. As with other web design activities, many marketing and digital agencies find it more efficient to hire WordPress experts remotely […]

One Fast Trick to Weed Out WordPress Freelancers Not Worth Your Time

Do you build WordPress websites? Perhaps your own strength is in marketing or design, so you need to hire someone to do the PSD to WordPress conversion. There is plenty of advice around the web on where to look for WordPress freelancers, and what different freelancing platforms specialize in. The problem is, if you’re looking […]

Why You Probably Hate Outsourcing WordPress Development: Feedback is a Mess (But You Can Fix It)

Outsourcing WordPress Development: Fixing the Nightmare of the Feedback Process In our three years, we have come across plenty of potential partners with bad experiences outsourcing WordPress development. Feedback processes are one of the key sticking points. A badly designed feedback process sucks time, produces a low-quality result, and diminishes trust between outsourcing partners. After getting […]

Essential Mistakes to Avoid When You Hire WordPress Developers Remotely

Remote development is a growing trend for many platforms and functions. However, most advice on the topic is awfully general, targeted towards large-scale product development with multiple developers. This kind of remote development differs in key ways from remote front-end WordPress development. As a result, there are concrete ways you should adapt your management when […]

Tools for Managing a Remote Development Team

We’ve written before the importance of communicating directly with your remote WordPress developers or freelancers. There are plenty of messaging apps that fulfill the basic functions needed for that, namely instant messaging and calling. Skype is still a natural choice and Slack seems to be gaining momentum. But what about managing all of the other […]

Outsourcing WordPress Development: The Key Questions

#01 Would outsourcing be profitable for you? Before diving into the logistics of WordPress outsourcing, you need to determine whether outsourcing could actually be profitable for your firm. Outsourcing web development can either involve replacing the activities of existing employees or by outsourcing at the margin when the firm is at capacity instead of hiring […]

Choosing the Right White Label WordPress Subcontractor

Regardless of your underlying motivations – capacity, skills gap, avoid hiring in-house, etc. – if you’ve come to decide that you want to find a white label WordPress subcontractor, choosing the right outsourcing partner can be one of the most difficult tasks that organizations face today. When your organization needs a WordPress outsourcing partner, carefully […]

Evaluate WordPress Outsourcing: Rising Cost of Full Time Employees

When the economy and job market improve, so does the competition for hiring the best talent possible. When that competition gets fierce, the cost of hiring and retaining full time employees goes up. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the average cost of hiring a new employee was $3,337 in 2013. When you […]

White Label Outsourcing versus Hiring In-House Resources

One step in determining if white label outsourcing is right for your business is to compare the cost of an outsourced resource to hiring an in-house resource. Simply comparing the salary of an in-house resource with the hourly rate for a white label outsourcing resource is not an apples to apples comparison. You must calculate […]