7 Best WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers

If you are managing modern day internet marketing channels, these are the must-have WordPress plugins for you. They will give you the tools to generate more leads and land more conversions. #01 Jetpack Jetpack is a free plugin that lets you track how many visits your site gets. You can get such valuable insights as views […]

How to Fix Your WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin after June 1, 2016 API updates

Following an API update from Instagram (effective June 1, 2016), plugins for integrating Instagram posts on WordPress sites will not work properly unless they are updated. The plugin we’re using on the websites we build, “Instagram Feed” by SmashBalloon, was updated on May 12 and then again on June 1. This video shows how you […]

WordPress Plugins to Load Mobile Optimized Content Instantly Everywhere

Sometimes good things come in small packages. That’s definitely true of websites in developing nations where residents don’t have the time or money to load big websites that use a lot of data. Now, by installing a plugin for WordPress, big websites can be made smaller — which means that they can reach audiences in […]