Top 11 Reasons WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Website


WordPress is one of several modern content management systems, but it confidently takes the leading role. WordPress developers are happy to use this system since 13 years, from the initial release date of May 27, 2003. It has developed over the years, with an increasing number of available themes and plugins, and the version number keeps growing for every improvement. It’s high time for us to list our top 11 reasons to consider WordPress to be the best platform for your website:

#01 Ease of Use

Agencies that work with different platforms get the best hands-on experience of WordPress’ ease of use. When you sell WordPress sites, this is a good selling point since it’s often highly appreciated by customers to have the opportunity to do simple management and updates to their sites themselves. It makes them more confident. They can add or edit content from any computer in the world with Internet access and a browser without the need for additional software. And if you’re selling them the maintenance and updates as a services – it makes your life easier and your services more profitable and/or affordable.

#02 Multilinguality

WordPress recently became more available for people from all over the world. Developers from different countries were faced with the problem of translating the CMS into other languages than English. This was the reason for starting the WordPress Translation Days, with one taking place as recently as the 12th of November. Nowadays, WordPress supports dozens of languages including French, Spanish, Esperanto, German, Italian, Japanese and others.

#03 Affordability

For sure you have thought about the price of websites and compared different systems and agencies that offer web services. The cost of a site can be estimated in a number of ways, and we have collected more information about features of design and functionality that drive up the cost of a WordPress website in another blog post. In a few words, I just can say that WordPress websites can be rather cheap and every business owner can afford some type of WordPress site (even if the company consists of only one person). If you need to change something, it’s easy. Especially with a custom coded site, which may be contrary to common belief — here’s a post we wrote to explain why.

#04 Widespread Use

At the end of this year, it’s already possible to say that WordPress will be used by more than 27 percent of all internet websites. Think it’s not a great number? Just compare it to 3.3% for Joomla and 2.2% for Drupal websites. Not only does that give credibility to the CSM, it also gives you confidence that it will continue to be supported and have access to all the important integrations and plugins that you need. Feel proud that you sell and own WordPress sites? 🙂

#05 Friendly to Mobile

It’s not a secret that more and more people use smartphones for looking through emails, websites etc. So it’s of vital importance that you make your site mobile-ready, it’s been for several years now. With WordPress development, this opportunity comes easy. Now you don’t need to build a new version of web pages suitable for different gadgets. A properly structured WordPress site will automatically recognise if a person is viewing the site through a web browser or mobile device and configure the content to be viewed appropriately on either. If you want custom made responsive views, that can be coded as well.

#06 Scheduling Flexibility

WordPress’ native functionality allows a user to pre-schedule when content goes live which gives you the ability to manage your time wisely while freeing you from having to make daily posts. For example, a user could go into the site on Monday and schedule the next 7 days of blog posts all at one time.

#07 Social Media Integration

Tired of publishing all news, posts, updates, announcements on every social media page separately? WordPress websites can solve this issue! WordPress delivers a true “publish once, publish everywhere” experience by automatically distributing your new content through your organisation’s social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

#08 Total Design Flexibility

Many other CMSs have stringent requirements about placement of content on the site. WordPress provides total flexibility through its open-source nature and the myriad of themes and plugins available. We custom code 80% of the sites we build to the designs of our partners, and let me assure you that they know how to use the design flexibility of WordPress.

#09 Google Loves WordPress Sites!

WordPress delivers the ultimate solution for SEO-friendly websites. Its code is consistent and streamlined without excessive HTML code such that Google finds WordPress sites very inviting for indexing. Free plugins allow you to customise each page or post to deliver the highest possible search engine performance. It’s so easy to add new content – and search engines like Google LOVE fresh new content. In fact, most SEO professionals will tell you that the addition of new content to a website is one of the (if not the) most significant variables when it comes to search engine performance.

#10 Automated RSS

Posts can be automatically converted to RSS feeds and syndicated to blog directories and other peoples’ websites. When coupled with MailChimp, automated email newsletter generation becomes a simple process.

#11 Plugins

To extend and expand the functionality of WordPress we use plugins. Today over 47,915 plugins are offered and the number is constantly increasing. The top 5 WordPress plugins are Jetpack by, Akismet, WP Super Cache, bbPress and BuddyPress. Here at The White Label Agency, we widely use such plugins as Login LockDown, Yoast SEO, Google Analytics by MonsterInsigts, Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, and Duplicator.


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