WordPress News – 1st of November 2016

Today is the best day to dive into the informational ocean and find several pearls of WordPress news.

#01 WordPress 4.7 Beta 1

Now WordPress 4.7 Beta 1 is now available. Note, this is not the final version ready to use! Everybody is encouraged to test this version and find bugs. Basic points which are suggested to be tested are Twenty Seventeen, Video Headers, Custom CSS with live previews, User admin languages, PDF thumbnail previews and others. Read more here.

#02 Global WordPress Translation Day

WordPress is always working to be more accessible to customers everywhere. And very soon every interested person will have an opportunity to take part in WordPress Translation Day on the 12th of November. This event is organized to bring WordPress to more people all over the world. This day is devoted to the topic of translation, specifically how to participate in translating WordPress to German and Hindi, Bulgarian and Slovak, French and Italian, Dutch and Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese. This will be discussed during live training sessions. The format of event is convenient for participants. There are two possible way to take part in it: on the one hand, more than 30 events are organized globally, so maybe the one is just next to you!; on the other hand people can join real time sessions. The schedule and more about WordPress Translation Day you can find here.

#03 AMA with Matt Cromwell

Matt Cromwell is a Partner and Head of Support at WorldImpress shares his experience in AMA. Is Facebook is good tool for connecting people? Yes! Sure! It’s rather hard to keep WordPress Meetups alive and Facebook is a cool place where people can communicate within the group of like-minded people in-between Meetups. One more interesting point that is highlighted in the article is about qualities to look for in new hires. Cromwell singles out three distinct qualities:

  • Likeability balanced with professionalism
  • Strong ability to collaborate with a team and give/take constructive feedback
  • Technical skills and troubleshooting skills

Cromwell says that WordPress isn’t new. But just imagine all those beautiful websites that are already built and only will be build on this powerful CMS.

More interesting thoughts from Matt Cromwell you can find here.

#04 Surprising WordPress Statistics

Finally it happened! WordPress Statistics was updated. The previous version was dated the November 7, 2014. Two years passed and we are happy to have an opportunity to see new WordPress statistics dated the November 18, 2016.

#05 REST API Approved to Merge with 4.7

October is marked with great changes in WordPress. A lot of questions were reviewed, considered and highlighted. There were main six points:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • User Feedback
  • If merging – will negatively impact API development
  • Whether content endpoints will benefit core development
  • Whether those endpoints belong on every WordPress site

Check out more useful info on the changes here.

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