Exploring fast WordPress themes for your agency

Exploring fast WordPress themes for your agency - The White Label Agency

Picture this: a user lands on a website, intrigued by its promising offerings. Yet, within seconds, frustration creeps in as the pages load at a snail’s pace. The ‘back’ button becomes an enticing escape route, and your chance to make an impression dissipates. This scenario is not uncommon, and its implications are far-reaching. A slow website isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s a missed opportunity.

At White Label Agency, we recognize that user patience wears thin in a world where everything is just a click away. The need for speed isn’t just a trend; it’s a game-changer. Google’s Core Web Vitals have further underscored the importance of seamless user experiences, placing load times, interactivity, and visual stability at the forefront of website evaluation.

The significance of a fast-loading website goes beyond user satisfaction. Search engines factor in page speed when determining rankings. A sluggish site can undermine your hard-earned SEO efforts and leave your carefully crafted content in the shadows. You can check the study by Yoast about how page speed affects SEO rankings.

As an agency that has been developing and designing thousands of websites already for decades, we appreciate the symbiotic relationship between website performance and aesthetics. After all, what good is visually stunning content if it’s trapped behind slow load times?

Let’s delve into the heart of the matter, comparing custom-coded and pre-built WordPress themes in the context of fast WordPress themes. With insights drawn from a decade of experience, we’ll break down the details, reveal the best strategies, and help you to make informed choices for your agency.

Custom-coded themes: Tailored excellence

Imagine a theme crafted exclusively for your agency, built from the ground up by a skilled developer who understands your unique vision. Custom-coded themes offer you the reins to design and functionality, placing creative power in your hands. These themes are often hailed for their superior speed and security. Why? Because they’re sculpted to meet your precise needs, minimizing excess code and optimizing performance.

Custom coded themes - Fast WordPress themes

As our senior developer Alexander at WLA points out, “Often, code in custom-built themes is only one-tenth as long compared to pre-designed themes, which are built to be able to work for various websites. This means that every customization requires extra lines of code. In the case of a custom theme, with less code in place, there are much fewer things that need to load, meaning reduced loading time.”

However, the road to excellence sometimes demands a higher investment. Custom-coded themes can be more expensive and time-consuming to develop due to their tailor-made nature. But if your agency seeks fast WordPress themes, custom coding might just be your highway to success.

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Hire a WordPress theme developer

Looking to have a custom WordPress theme? We’ve got you covered: hire a WordPress theme developer from our staff and get the job done ASAP.

Pre-built themes: Convenience with a trade-off

Pre-built themes emerge as an option for agencies seeking a quicker route to launching their digital presence. These ready-to-use designs come pre-packaged, often at a lower cost than custom-coded counterparts. Their simplicity translates to a faster implementation.

However, as with any convenience, there’s a trade-off to consider. Pre-built themes, while offering convenience, can sometimes bring along the baggage of performance bottlenecks.

A key consideration for fast WordPress themes lies in the weight of a theme – the sum of its features, code, and assets. Not all pre-built themes are created equal in terms of speed. The inclusion of extravagant features and high-resolution images may boost aesthetics, but it can also lead to sluggish loading times. It’s crucial to choose a lightweight pre-built theme that aligns with your client’s needs. For instance, a business-focused website might not require the same bells and whistles as a photography portfolio.

The theme’s speed is closely tied to its construction. Themes built with clean code and responsive design tend to be more lightweight and are consequently faster. This is where custom-made themes often hold the advantage. With fewer lines of code, they possess an inherent speed advantage. As our Head of Production Natalia at WLA highlights, “Custom-made themes are lighter than pre-built ones, as they have fewer lines of code. With less code in place, there are much fewer things that can go wrong.”

For a detailed overall comparison between pre-built and custom themes, you can check our previous blog.

Prebuilt themes - Fast WordPress themes

Choosing the right path

Making the decision between custom-made and pre-built fast WordPress themes requires considering factors like budget, timeline, and technical expertise.

If you’re all about tailored and fast experience, custom-coded themes might be the choice. But, let’s not overlook the convenience of pre-built themes, as they are quick and easy, especially for small businesses.

If creating custom-coded themes for your clients seems daunting, or if your agency lacks the necessary technical expertise, White Label Agency is here to help. We’re the world’s leading outsourcer of WordPress services to agencies. With a decade of WordPress experience, we will perfectly understand your agency’s needs and challenges. Reach out to us.


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