Managed WordPress Hosting: Is It Right For You?

Managed WordPress Hosting: Is It Right For You? - The White Label Agency

GoDaddy announced yesterday that they are expanding their managed WordPress hosting options. That really got me thinking about this topic. Given our role as a white label WordPress outsourced developer we deal with clients across a broad spectrum of technical know-how. “Can you help me with hosting?” or “What do you guys do for hosting?” are questions we frequently get from our clients at The White Label Agency. The number of clients of ours who are electing to go with managed WordPress hosting is definitely on the rise.

Managed WordPress Hosting: What Is It?

According to the GoDaddy announcement, managed WordPress hosting “includes technical hosting aspects including set-up, network security, daily backups and WordPress software updates”. Another big player in the managed WordPress hosting arena is WPEngine. Their managed WordPress hosting includes a limited list of plugins which can be used. They have weeded out the ones with known security issues, bad histories, etc.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Who Is It Good For?

There has been a rash of WordPress hacks recently. Highly popular WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, Revolution Slider, etc. have been hacked. These security issues alone make managed WordPress hosting a solid fit for many of our clients. An exception may be an organization who is hugely invested in managing their own servers and has ample in-house talent to do so. If an agency feels like their clients won’t bear the higher pricing they may want to stay away as well. However, if your site or a client’s site has ever been the victim of a hacking attack you may feel differently about the cost of NOT moving to managed WordPress hosting.