Is Pixel Perfect PSD to WordPress Overrated?

Some of our agency partners ask us to build their sites pixel perfect. It’s a common feature mentioned online, that outsourcing agencies offer web development that is in pixel perfect agreement with their clients’ PSD files. Fun fact: only 3-5% of our partners care about pixel perfect PSD to WordPress. These are often agencies founded […]

How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost?

A WordPress website (like any website) is more than a pretty cover and a chunk of code. It’s a tool for marketing, and it’s an important one. By reading this post, you will learn about the costs associated with getting a new WordPress website, how to make sure it converts into more sales for your […]

Dedicated Developer vs Project Basis: Which Type of Outsourcing is Best for You?

The history of project pricing started long before the ‘project’ and ‘development’ appeared with the meanings we know now.  From the start of trade people have had to agree on some contractual terms when goods or services were sold or provided.  Different types of agreements split or minimize risks to the buyer and seller in […]

Why PSD to WordPress is All We Do

There are roughly as many strategies for how to run a business as there are people under the sun. In this article, I discuss why we focus only on offering PSD to WordPress services, when other companies that likewise perform PSD to WordPress frequently also offer back-end development, plugins, premium themes, and more. It’s a […]

Why You Probably Hate Outsourcing WordPress Development: Feedback is a Mess (But You Can Fix It)

Outsourcing WordPress Development: Fixing the Nightmare of the Feedback Process In our three years, we have come across plenty of potential partners with bad experiences outsourcing WordPress development. Feedback processes are one of the key sticking points. A badly designed feedback process sucks time, produces a low-quality result, and diminishes trust between outsourcing partners. After getting […]

Tools for Managing a Remote Development Team

We’ve written before the importance of communicating directly with your remote WordPress developers or freelancers. There are plenty of messaging apps that fulfill the basic functions needed for that, namely instant messaging and calling. Skype is still a natural choice and Slack seems to be gaining momentum. But what about managing all of the other […]

Outsourcing WordPress Development: The Key Questions

#01 Would outsourcing be profitable for you? Before diving into the logistics of WordPress outsourcing, you need to determine whether outsourcing could actually be profitable for your firm. Outsourcing web development can either involve replacing the activities of existing employees or by outsourcing at the margin when the firm is at capacity instead of hiring […]

Social Media and the Future of WordPress

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic — the company behind the content management platform WordPress — plans expansion for 2016 and says that part of that growth will come from social media generating traffic to WordPress sites, increasing their visibility. While some have said that social media sites are replacing other webpages as “destination sites,” Mullenweg […]

WordPress REST API

At some point in the not too distant future, the WordPress REST API functionality is going to be part of the WordPress “core”. WordPress REST API: Why should I care? Probably the vast majority of WordPress users out there and even many of the developers have no idea what this means. If you’re in that […]

WordPress IDX Plugin: Which do You Prefer?

A very common request for us to receive is a real estate site using a WordPress IDX plugin. When it comes to choosing a WordPress IDX plugin we like to leave that choice up to our client and their client. Whether or not their end client is going to accept and appreciate the functionality and […]

What Design Elements Drive WordPress Development Costs?

There are many factors which drive WordPress development costs. Some of them are obvious; some not so much. This post talks about design-driven impacts on WordPress website costs. WordPress Development Costs and Plugins Installing certain plugins like Woocommerce, BuddyPress, etc. require additional templates which need to be styled. More templates = more hours = higher […]

Choosing the Right White Label WordPress Subcontractor

Regardless of your underlying motivations – capacity, skills gap, avoid hiring in-house, etc. – if you’ve come to decide that you want to find a white label WordPress subcontractor, choosing the right outsourcing partner can be one of the most difficult tasks that organizations face today. When your organization needs a WordPress outsourcing partner, carefully […]