Visual Composer 
for WordPress

Since the early days of WordPress, Visual Composer has been a major editor, pioneering the drag and drop of blocks.
We help you build themes based on Visual Composer for your clients, letting them benefit from its wide range of features and broad compatibility.

Visual Composer for WordPress - WLA

Visual Composer, still a Leading Drag and Drop Editor

Visual Composer makes the workflow of building WordPress sites easier, with a visual front-end editor and the drag and drop of elements.

Drag and Drop Approach

An intuitive drag and drop interface provides a visual approach to website design with the flexibility of a leading professional editor.

Library of Elements

Visual Composer onboards a vast library of basic and advanced elements providing users a broad range of design options.

Cloud Marketplace

As an established editor, Visual Composer gives you access to a large cloud marketplace of templates and content elements.

Powerful Design Options

The front-end editor gives users access to advanced design options and a pixel perfect approach with no coding required.


Automatic responsiveness settings and cross device layout settings ensure your websites are responsive across platforms.

Security and Updates

With a large and engaged community of users, Visual Composer receives active support and updates by developers.


Why choose Visual Composer
for your clients?

Here are four reasons why Visual Composer might be a good choice for your agency.


With a codeless drag and drop approach to front-end editing, Visual Composer makes it simple to build, edit and maintain professional websites for your clients.

Design capabilities

The comprehensive library of elements, advanced design settings and ready-to-use templates from the marketplace, facilitate a streamlined workflow for design.

Long-term solution

With its loyal following and large community of active users, Visual Composer will continue to receive updates and support from developers well into the future.


Visual Composer contains automatic responsiveness settings and layout settings that ensure your clients’ websites will retain perfect responsive across platforms.


How we build your site using Visual Composer

Our process for building sites in Visual Composer is simple and puts you in control, ensuring a perfect delivery for your end client.

Step 1. Initial Brief

We work the same way as your agency does – every project starts with a brief to ensure we develop precisely what you need. We custom-code your site using Visual Composer based on your creative brief or design file.

Step 2. Custom Quote

Once the brief is finalized, we give you a custom quote. Your dedicated account manager will work together with you over the phone to clarify our quote, review your needs and ensure they are completely covered.

Step 3. Project Management

Once the quote is approved, we start coding your theme using Visual Composer. We include complete project management and follow-up, with your account manager keeping you posted at each project milestone.

Step 4. Delivery

Our QA Engineer will review the site within one business day of its completion. You provide feedback, and the assigned developer makes fixes/edits as needed. The QA Engineer does another round of QA to verify that the fixes were made according to your feedback. After you approve the site for moving live, the assigned developer moves it live on your hosting environment.

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