WordPress maintenance companies: Making the right choice

WordPress maintenance companies: Making the right choice - The White Label Agency

Regardless of how well you’ve designed and built your client’s website, at some point, it will not function properly without maintenance. Maintenance is the guarantee to future-proof performance, functionality, and security. According to Toptal, 88% of people will not return to a site where they had a bad experience, proving the vital importance of keeping your site user-friendly and bug-free.

At White Label Agency, our partnership with over 600 agencies has provided us with unique insights into the digital marketing industry. Recognizing the importance of a well functioning website, we’ve launched a website maintenance service. We’d like to share our experience with you about how to choose between the WordPress maintenance companies that are right for your agency.

The different maintenance services - WordPress maintenance companies

Maintenance services: Two options

Digital agencies have two options in providing maintenance services to their clients.

Budget maintenance packages

Budget maintenance packages are a good fit for smaller and new businesses with tight budgets and basic functionalities. Basic maintenance packages typically include services, such as:

  • Regular WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates
  • Daily backups
  • Security check
  • Performance optimization.

The range of services is limited, but the budget maintenance package provides the software’s basic functionality and security.
Before starting the website maintenance plan, thoroughly evaluate your requirements and make sure the package includes all of the essential maintenance tasks.

Premium maintenance packages

Premium maintenance packages offer services to companies, that require more custom plans with highly responsive support services. It contains basic maintenance services with additional advanced features. The components listed in the package very much depend on the maintenance provider company, but here are some essential services, that a premium maintenance plan typically includes:

  • Basic maintenance services
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Core plugin, content, and theme updates
  • Custom security solutions
  • Hosting services
  • Advanced performance optimization
  • SEO and marketing consulting
  • Ticket tracking system

The growing businesses that aim to operate at peak performance will find the premium package ideal.


WordPress maintenance plans

We offer an easy way for agencies to guarantee ongoing support to their clients with our WordPress maintenance plans.

Basic vs. Premium: Strengths and weaknesses

Having learned about the primary services different WordPress maintenance companies offer, let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of basic and premium maintenance packages. This will help your business in the final decision-making process.

Pros of using basic maintenance packages

Affordability: Budget maintenance packages are more affordable than premium packages. Even with the limited budget gives you peace of mind knowing your website is taken care of.

Covering essential maintenance tasks: While it’s limited, basic maintenance services cover essential tasks, such as updating the latest version of plugins, general updates, and sometimes even content. The website remains compatible.

Basic monitoring: Basic maintenance packages ensure your website is online, protecting it from common vulnerabilities -including security patches,

Performance optimization: Basic maintenance packages are ideal for small websites without complex functionalities. If your WordPress site doesn’t require frequent updates, budget packages are advisable to maintain sufficient user experience.

Cons of using basic maintenance packages

Delayed Support: While using the basic maintenance package you don’t have access to 24/7 emergency support. Even if there is an urgent problem with the website, response time tends to be slow. This delay in support can have a significant effect on how your website appears and functions online, which leads to a poor business reputation.

Lack of Customization: Basic maintenance packages usually include a set of pre-defined services. For a website with specific needs, there is very little room for customization. So the chance to show off your brand’s uniqueness is small.

Limited Scalability: Basic maintenance packages typically include crucial maintenance tasks and are designed for the low-traffic website. In case of upgrading website services – you may find it necessary to switch the package, which can lead to discomfort and new potential challenges.

Risk of Data Loss: The chance of data loss for a basic maintenance plan is relatively low. However, in the event of a security breach or urgent hardware problem that isn’t solved on time, your data could be at risk.

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Pros of using Premium maintenance packages

Full security and support: Premium maintenance packages offer advanced security measures, including 24/7 emergency support. To protect your website from various cyber threats, a crucial advantage of the premium plan is virus scanning. Potential issues, like virus threats, are identified and addressed before they can impact your website’s performance or security. Therefore, Without costly and lengthy outages, your website stays fully functional and secure. Such kind of fast response is a guarantee of absolute security, especially when your website faces critical issues.

Advanced Backup and Recovery: Premium maintenance providers provide a few types of backup – copies of the data, parts of your website that have changed since the last backup, and one-click restore(in case your website goes down). Without worrying, you can focus on your core business activities, knowing that your website is in capable hands.

Staying up-to-date: To ensure your website is up-to-date, Premium maintenance packages include all of the essential maintenance tasks, such as adding new content, updating old content, and changing the design of your website. This practice helps your company optimize your performance.

Advanced performance optimization: Premium maintenance providers offer advanced performance optimization tools, allowing you to boost the performance of your website by optimizing your code, images, and database. This can lead to faster loading times and a better overall user experience. Additionally, they conduct A/B testing and analyze user behavior, which leads to a more engaging and user-friendly website.

Monthly status meetings: Let’s be real, importance of maintenance isn’t always clear for every company or individual, so having clear communication between the WordPress maintenance companies and the business is crucial, especially in the beginning. Consultations that are offered by package providers, help you understand your website’s areas for improvement as well as the benefits that premium maintenance packages bring to the table.

Cons of using Premium maintenance packages

Higher Cost: Premium WordPress maintenance packages can be more expensive than budget packages, and might be problematic for individuals or small businesses with limited budgets.

Dependency: Once you sign up for a premium WordPress maintenance package, Switching from one premium service provider to another could be challenging due to integration complexities, potentially making you feel bound with the current provider.


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Which maintenance plan suits You best?

If you aren’t limited in your budget, consider choosing a premium maintenance package, especially if your websites are in the process of expansion. Premium maintenance service is the perfect choice for future-proofing your business, ensuring it remains ahead of the game in terms of its optimal functionality, performance, and robust security protocols. Investing in a premium plan not only keeps your websites up-to-date but also protects it against potential issues, that may come up.
But if you prefer small websites customed for basic functionalities? In this case, a budget plan is the ideal choice. If your websites don’t receive much traffic and you’re comfortable handling minor issues, a budget maintenance plan can save you money while guaranteeing fundamental updates and security are taken care of.

Get the most from maintenance with White Label Agency

At White Label Agency, we believe that digital agencies should strive to offer customers the highest possible value added–especailly when it comes to WordPress maintenance services.

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With over 3,000 WordPress projects annually and a suitable maintenance package for every company, White Label Agency is your perfect partner for high value added services. We’re more than happy to keep your business going. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team and we will get back to you straight away!