Using WordPress management services for your agency

Using WordPress management services for your agency - The White Label Agency

Alarming statistics reveal a staggering 52% of WordPress attacks are linked to outdated plugins, while 44% stem from outdated WordPress sites. As the use of plugins and extensions in WordPress builds increases, so too does the need for ongoing site management. Updates need to be carried out regularly to ensure that plugins and extensions continue to be compatible with the WordPress core and function the way they should. Where such management ceases, sites soon become vulnerable to cyber threats and eventually they cease to function. Joost, our Sales Manager at White Label Agency, notes that almost half of the new agencies we took on board during 2022 did not regularly manage their sites post build. Thankfully, most of these agencies now subscribe to our Maintenance packages.

Let me acquaint you with the Maintenance services we offer at White Label Agency and with the value that these services can bring to your digital agency. We have worked with over 600 digital agencies over the past ten years, helping them to grow and expand their service offerings. We believe that WordPress management services provide a unique and often untapped opportunity for many digital agencies to add value to their current service offerings.

What are WordPress management services

WordPress management services consist of two primary components: content maintenance and technical maintenance. White Label Agency’s CEO Einar emphasizes the importance of technical maintenance, stating, “The technical maintenance should be a standard part of every package: checking that everything works, the website is suitably responsive in different settings, and that any packages or dependencies needed for the website’s function are updated as needed.”

When it comes to content maintenance, there is tremendous scope to customize this based on your agency’s capabilities. This service can be simple tasks, mainly just focused on saving the client from needing to use the WordPress backend. This might include formatting page content and adding content updates, such as new team members, upcoming events or restaurant menu items. However, content maintenance can also be delivered as a high value added service, such as providing a specific number of blog posts each month, and setting them up on the website. You’ll sometimes see such services referred to separately as Content services. Content maintenance provides an ideal opportunity for agencies to develop all-in-one packages which generate substantial monthly revenue. Conveniently, these services employ writers rather than website developers, making staff procurement a little easier and less costly.

How to build a maintenance plan - WordPress management services

How to build a maintenance plan

If you’re considering building WordPress management services into your service offerings, our Marketing Manager at White Label Agency, Olivier, suggests being very specific when creating the preparatory business plan. It’s important to fully understand the associated costs and the margins these services generate for your agency. The number and type of services which might be included in WordPress management plans can be large and vary in type, so you need to take care to create a service bundle that your agency can deliver sustainably and at a fair margin.

Olivier recommends having at least two types of WordPress maintenance packages to offer.

Standard Plan: This plan should cover essential tasks, such as WordPress website backups, theme updates, plugins updates, plugins compatibility testing, and WordPress core updates.

Advanced Plan: In addition to the standard tasks, the advanced plan should include extra services like guaranteed 24-hour response time, content updates, page debugging, guaranteed 48-hour turnaround time, and weekly security updates.

By providing these two distinct plans, you can cater for different client needs while ensuring your agency’s offerings are comprehensive and effective. For further reading on building maintenance plans, see our blog.

The importance of WordPress management services

Security importance

A WordPress website is not “complete” after delivery; it requires ongoing care. Plugins and themes installed on the website need regular updates to stay compatible with each new version of WordPress core and address potential issues. Neglecting these updates can leave a website vulnerable to hacker exploits, resulting in disturbing messages, compromised user logins, or even a complete site shutdown.

Having a WordPress maintenance plan in place for each of your clients will help your agency avoid any such distractions. Regular updates and security checks will ensure that your clients’ websites remain protected and functional.

Implementation - WordPress management services

Business importance

As an agency owner selling WordPress services, managing irregular cash flow can be challenging. Many services are project based and the payments for these often come in sporadically, with down-payments at the start of projects and final payments sometime later. However, the pressure to meet monthly payroll remains constant. To address this issue and create a more stable financial situation, consider offering your customers recurring monthly WordPress management services.

Implementing these plans after building your customers’ websites can be beneficial for both parties. Each customer enrolled in a plan becomes more valuable to your agency, reducing the need to constantly acquire new clients. The steady revenue base generated by maintenance services helps balance the irregularities of project work, providing a reliable income stream month after month.

In addition to financial advantages, our CEO Einar emphasizes a further benefit of offering a monthly website maintenance plan: “It provides a reason to regularly reconnect with your customers. Connections that may offer opportunities to upsell or identify if there are more business opportunities with the client.” At WLA, we’ve found that adding maintenance services has generated us a lot more business for just this reason.


The recurring revenue which WordPress management services will provide is undoubtedly beneficial, but it also requires some adjustments in your workflow. To effectively implement such services, regular communication with customers is crucial. This can take the forms of meetings or emails which help your agency keep abreast of the changes your clients would like to see on their websites. The regularity of management tasks, such as content updates and bug fixes, can disrupt your team’s focus on core projects.

That’s where WLA’s specialized maintenance plans can seamlessly support your agency. With our dedicated team taking care of all necessary tasks, your clients’ websites will stay secure and up-to-date. Our reliable and cost-effective solutions offer you the freedom to focus on delivering exceptional projects.

If you are interested in partnering with us at WLA to expand your service offerings and grow your agency, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.