WordPress News – 28th of September 2016

WordPress news

#01 WordCamp Kyiv

WordCamp – a great event in the world of WordPress – took place on the 24-25th of September. It was the first WordCamp in Ukraine. (Of course there were different seminars and other events connected with WP. WordPress Kitchen was held last year. But the format of “camp” was the first experience for Ukrainian capital.)

I have to say, it was a positive experience! During this hectic weekend every participant received a lot of interesting and useful information connected to different spheres. The topics highlighted were relevant not only to coders and developers, but also designers, marketers, content managers, SEO specialists and business owners.

The communication process was quite friendly and multilingual. There were many English-speaking presenters like Emanuel Blagonic (with his presentation “P.S. I love you”), Lars Magnus Øksnes (“WordPress is at the core of the advertising revolution – but it’s not perfect”), Milan Ivanović (“Change your theme, but keep your business”) and more.

Networking was organized in the form of speed dating: participants gathered in a circle, get business cards ready and as soon as the whistle goes you start talking to someone you pick first, switching to another person after a whistle goes again a minute later – this way you’ll be able to meet and connect to a lot of other participants.

#02 WordPress 4.6.1 Security and Maintenance Release

Site security is of high importance for all site owners. New security updates have come with the release of  WordPress 4.6.1. The latest version solves a few issues including a cross-site scripting vulnerability via image filename and a path traversal vulnerability in the upgrade package uploader. As an additional 15 bugs from the previous version are also corrected.

#03 Launch of up to 100 jobs by WP Engine

The US company WP Engine will create one hundred tech positions in Limerick, Ireland, perhaps partly because corporate taxes are lower there than in the US. The recent controversy about Apple’s tax bill in Ireland may have made them nervous (the lower corporate tax rate may have been a reason they are setting up to grow there). However, the Minister for Finance in Ireland attended the WP Enginge announcement and assured the listeners that won’t be going anywhere, at least for the next year.

#04 Hackers compromise nearly 16,000 WordPress websites

Almost 16,000 WordPress sites were compromised by hackers (according to Daniel Cid, security researcher). The greater part of compromised sites were backdoored. Hackers used these vulnerable areas to get an access to different sites and gained a new way of loading payloads. It’s difficult to track hackers when they do this, so it’s become one of hackers’ favourite tools.

#05 Join Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k 2016

WordPress meets healthy lifestyle! Automattic has proposed a Worldwide WordPress 5k, inviting everyone in the WordPress community to join. Every person could run, walk, jog, cycle, swim etc. and post about it on their WP sites, tagged “wwwp5k”.

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