Tools for Managing a Remote Development Team

We’ve written before the importance of communicating directly with your remote WordPress developers or freelancers. There are plenty of messaging apps that fulfill the basic functions needed for that, namely instant messaging and calling. Skype is still a natural choice and Slack seems to be gaining momentum. But what about managing all of the other Read More »

Outsourcing WordPress Development: The Key Questions

#01 Would outsourcing be profitable for you? Before diving into the logistics of WordPress outsourcing, you need to determine whether outsourcing could actually be profitable for your firm. Outsourcing web development can either involve replacing the activities of existing employees or by outsourcing at the margin when the firm is at capacity instead of hiring Read More »

Choosing the Right White Label WordPress Subcontractor

Regardless of your underlying motivations – capacity, skills gap, avoid hiring in-house, etc. – if you’ve come to decide that you want to find a white label WordPress subcontractor, choosing the right outsourcing partner can be one of the most difficult tasks that organizations face today. When your organization needs a WordPress outsourcing partner, carefully Read More »

Evaluate WordPress Outsourcing: Rising Cost of Full Time Employees

When the economy and job market improve, so does the competition for hiring the best talent possible. When that competition gets fierce, the cost of hiring and retaining full time employees goes up. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the average cost of hiring a new employee was $3,337 in 2013. When you Read More »

White Label Outsourcing versus Hiring In-House Resources

One step in determining if white label outsourcing is right for your business is to compare the cost of an outsourced resource to hiring an in-house resource. Simply comparing the salary of an in-house resource with the hourly rate for a white label outsourcing resource is not an apples to apples comparison. You must calculate Read More »

The White Label Agency: WordPress Specialists

About 16 months ago, we decided to become WordPress specialists and we haven’t looked back. It is after all an era of specialization. Gone are the days when ubiquitous “agencies” provided the full spectrum of services to clients. Their replacement? Virtual agencies that cobble together a set of services provided by subcontractors who specialize in a Read More »

Why Graphic Designers Should Sell WordPress Websites

If you’re a graphic designer who does work for small, primarily local businesses like restaurants, law firms, medical offices, landscapers, etc., you should be offering WordPress websites to your clients. Why specifically WordPress Websites? First and foremost, WordPress websites have a ton of advantages for your clients versus other platforms. We believe the top three reasons Read More »