Freelance WordPress Development vs. Agency: Which Path is Right for You?

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Web development agencies often need help finding sufficient time and resources to undertake in-house projects. When agencies need WordPress services, they have two options: freelance WordPress development or an established agency. However, deciding which option to choose involves considering numerous factors that can influence the final decision.

At the White Label Agency, we provide a solution for outsourcing WordPress services. With more than 10,000 projects under our name, we have developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of outsourcing project development. Based on our experience, we will provide our objective opinion on the pros and cons of hiring a freelance developer or an agency. Let’s see which option is optimal for your agency and your specific project needs. 

Customer Values When Looking for Options

When it comes to project management decisions, there are three main factors to consider: quality, time, and money. These factors are commonly referred to as the “triple constraints” or the “project management triangle”. With so many options available, it is crucial to compare these elements when selecting a service provider for your WordPress development project. The final decision is often based on one priority outweighing the other two factors. Therefore, when looking for a service provider, it’s important to keep these three elements in mind, as they will define the ultimate decision.

Customer Values When Looking for Options - Freelance WordPress Development

Cost-Conscious Choice? The Appeal and Limitations of Freelance WordPress Development

Time is money, and companies are constantly looking for ways to optimize their budgets. Therefore, cost-effective options are the ones they tend to reach out to, especially when it comes to start-ups or small businesses. Freelance WordPress development can be a good solution in such cases. The most recognized benefit of this approach is cost-effectiveness, as freelancers often offer competitive rates, making them an attractive option for businesses on a budget. However, there are limitations worth noting:

  • With freelance development, there is a risk of unreliability. Some may unexpectedly become unavailable, or they may face difficulties managing multiple commitments. Several companies have experienced or heard of cases when freelancers suddenly disappear or get jammed up with another project. This is too high a risk for many larger companies, as it creates a “single point of failure.” According to Wisnet, a former partner, the primary problem they faced when opting for freelance services was reliability issues with long-term projects.
  • Freelancers differ in quality, and it can take time to find one who consistently meets your standards. Depending on a single freelancer for a bigger project can limit your access to a variety of skills that could be essential for completing complex tasks. Additionally, it’s common for freelancers to work on multiple tasks at once, potentially delaying your client’s project.

“Regardless of skill set and experience, freelancers have often lacked dedication. leaving a void in the projects they abandoned. This inconsistency pushed us back to WLA time and again. With WLA, not only did we find the consistent quality we sought, but we also felt the stability of a partnership, something freelancers often couldn’t.” – adds the CEO of Wisnet. 

WordPress developer for hire

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Investing for the Future: Why a WordPress Agency Can Be Your Growth Partner

Opting for a WordPress agency is a great choice for companies that prioritize quality and efficiency. WordPress agencies offer integrated solutions that cater to the customer’s needs. With their experience and expertise, agencies can avoid common pitfalls and suggest proven solutions based on past projects. 

Cost-Conscious Choice? The Appeal and Limitations of Freelance WordPress Development 

Agencies work with multiple team members in parallel, which results in faster turnaround times. The team is accustomed to working together and is usually located in the same office, so face-to-face collaboration on projects will be easier for them. As a result, the final project is efficient. 

Reliability is another essential factor in choosing an agency instead of freelance WordPress development. Agencies have higher stability for two main reasons. Firstly, they are an established company that is trustworthy, and they also have additional employees who can cover if someone working on a project is absent.

Agencies understand the importance of long-term communication and provide clear outlines throughout the process, ensuring your project stays on track and caters to the evolving needs of your audience. Projects can be managed within the agency to bring about efficiency and good coordination between the various experts involved, leaving you, as a client, focused on your own business. 

Unlike freelance developers who specialize in specific areas, outsourcing a WordPress agency gives you access to a team of specialists, including seasoned developers, SEO gurus, and UX designers. This eliminates the need to source and manage individual freelancers for each specialized task. 

Furthermore, future support can be seen as part of the integrated solution, where you can start with a website and then add services as needed further on. That’s why businesses with long-term projects and sufficient resources tend to choose agencies.

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Efficient WordPress Solutions for Agencies: Partner with White Label Agency Today

It is important to note that as a modern business client, or as a personal consumer, you are looking for authenticity and value in relationships based on value and transparency, whether you choose freelance WordPress development or an agency. 

At the White Label Agency, we have established ourselves over the years as a trustworthy and experienced partner for agencies. We offer a dedicated WordPress developer who can communicate with you directly through Slack, Skype, Basecamp, or any other tool you might prefer. Our staff consists of over 100 qualified WordPress developers who are available to work on your projects. By hiring a WordPress developer with us, you won’t need to supervise every task or pay for extra office space. Our managed services will help you save time and money, allowing you to focus more on your clients. 

If you are seeking support from WordPress experts, reach out to our sales team, who will be more than happy to assist you.