A Guide to the Best Design WordPress Themes

A Guide to the Best Design WordPress Themes - The White Label Agency

Have you been looking for the best design WordPress themes? Then you have come to the right place as we’ll be discussing how they can benefit your agency. There are many WordPress themes out there, but if we began by testing every one of them, we would never find the time to do the real work. That’s why we’ll discuss how some of the finest themes in the world can help you improve your end clients’ projects. We speak from a decade of experience creating over 10,000 websites and partnering with 600+ agencies.

Creating websites with best design WordPress themes

How is a Great Design Made?

First and foremost, a great website design prioritizes the user. It should be easy to navigate, clear to understand, and ultimately make the user’s life easier. You can begin by outlining a clear brief. In agency settings, a brief lays out the project goals and target audience, which ensures that everyone is on the same page from the start. Researching reference websites is another essential way to help the designer understand the client’s taste and what works well for them. When you have all the above mentioned, then you can select the most appropriate WordPress website theme

In the next sections, we’ll explore a variety of themes suited for the needs of diverse websites, helping you find the perfect fit for your clients’ projects. 

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The Best Design WordPress Themes

The Minimalist: Astra

If you are someone who values simplicity and minimalism, then Astra is the perfect aid for your agency. This theme is light and super-fast. It places a high priority on performance without compromising the flexibility of the design. Astra provides a clean canvas that is both fresh and welcoming allowing you to create websites that are both visually appealing and highly functional. This makes it ideal for use in portfolios, blogs, and personal branding projects for your end clients.

The Storyteller’s Playground: Divi

If you are looking to create websites that are more than just digital spaces then Divi is the perfect tool for your agency. This drag-and-drop theme provides an extensive library of pre-built elements and layouts, allowing visual storytellers the freedom to customize them to their heart’s content. With Divi, you can create websites that captivate and engage visitors by using rich combinations of colors, textures, and animations. This is why Divi is a global leader in designing WordPress themes.
For more, you can read our comprehensive guide on Divi

Table showcasing features and benefits of the best design WordPress themes

The Versatile Theme: OceanWP

OceanWP is one of the most adaptable themes. This versatile theme is capable of transforming into whatever your client’s website needs to be. From sleek corporate sites to playful e-commerce shops, OceanWP offers a huge number of extensions and customization options that cater to almost any design vision

The Performance Oriented: GeneratePress

For those who prioritize speed and SEO optimization above all else, GeneratePress can be a great choice. This lightweight and lightning-fast theme is built for performance, ensuring your website loads in an instant and climbs the search engine rankings with ease. Besides high performance, GeneratePress also offers a surprising array of custom options, allowing you to craft websites that are both fast and visually stunning.

The Gutenberg Guru: Kadence

Built to fully use the power of the new WordPress editor, this Gutenberg block-based Kadence theme offers a flexible and intuitive interface for crafting dynamic and unique layouts. Whether you’re a seasoned Gutenberg pro or just starting out, Kadence gives you the opportunity to build websites that are not only beautiful but sustainable. Another heavy-hitter from best design WordPress themes.

Other Design Themes Worth Mentioning

While the five themes discussed above represent some of the most popular and versatile options, there are alternative WordPress design themes worth mentioning:

  • Avada: For those building feature-rich websites and comfortable with extensive customization, Avada’s powerful functionality and pre-built templates might be the perfect fit. For a detailed review, see our blog about the Avada WordPress theme
  • ThemeX: If a clean aesthetic and flexible framework are your priorities, ThemeX offers a robust platform for developers and code-savvy users to create unique and stunning websites.
  • JupiterX: With both its extensive design library and visual builder, JupiterX is ideal for users of all skill levels who want to create visually stunning websites quickly and easily using a drag-and-drop approach.

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WLA Can Craft For You

As we said in the beginning, the best design WordPress themes are to some degree subjective, as we have to choose them depending on our needs. However, there are still options that have been working for years. These tools have an immense base of users, including forums and tutorials that you can use to get help with nuanced problems. 

Remember, there is no “one-size-fits-all” theme, the best one resonates with your client’s creative vision and complements your workflow. Take your time, experiment, and choose the theme that best matches your needs and helps you create the website your clients dream of. At White Label Agency we build hundreds of websites annually, using both custom-built theme solutions and pre-made themes. If you’d prefer to have us handle the theme selection and website development, we are here to help. We can either custom-build your client’s website from scratch or leverage pre-made themes to create a solution that perfectly aligns with your needs. Contact us today, and we will respond within one business day.